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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Caricatures for Ritz Carlton, Singapore

An urgent order too, came in last Friday, collecting this Friday, from the same client of previous job for Ritz Carlton last August. This time was used as a farewell gift to the two guys (at the dining table). The client wanted a duplicate (scanned in as digital softcopy and print out as A2 size) and framed up to present to them.
His initial idea was to have all of them standing like the previous job.
I counter-proposed to have a Ritz Carlton as the main 'character', while the rest were popping out from the hexagon windows of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore. This was the concept proposed to another client from Ritz Carlton (before last August), but they dropped the idea due to limited budget. Finally, this concept was realised this time round.
Each caricature was illustrated according to their position in the hotel.
The engineer holding a spanner.
The finance director holding a calculator.
Food and Beverage guy holding a bottle of wine.
Secretaries jotting on their PDAs.
Room manager on walkie-talkie........

Pencil draft of the caricatures.

Inked artwork.

Coloured caricature.

Meet the twins. Can you tell which is the duplicate?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The right one is duplicate.
Am I right?

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