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Saturday, January 13, 2007

CG illustrations for Philips Rice Cooker Roadshows - part 1

This roadshow will be held in Centrepoint, Singapore.
The event company, Comcepts, submitted the autocad drawings done to Centrepoint Management. As the management has been seeing interior perspectives done with textures added in, as submitted by tenants like Loreal, they couldn't read the autocad drawings.
Thus, the event company called me up yesterday, and requested to have it done next Monday.
This was a second job for them on perpectives this month. When I saw their number displayed on my phone, I thought they need changes on the Johnny Walker job. Haha.... luckily not.
As the autocad models provided them can't be textured, I will have to recreate the whole model.
Photos for the mapping texture of the Philips products were not enough. Thus, I went to Courts nearby my house to shoot some photos. Hahaha....expected, after several obvious shooting of photos on their products, I was stopped by one of their staff. Without the photo maps of the sidebox, I created all the boxes in square shapes, if you do noticed that.

All Philips products has white background. Hence, it created some problems when I reandered the scenes. A lot of the details were lost, and the images looked over-exposed. I have to manually add in some shadows on Photoshop on the images (especially the plan) after the rendering. The labelling took me around an hour to do, because of those dimension. Unbelievable!!!
Notice the Robinson's logo on top of the Philips logo? It was there because they are the tenants of Centrepoint. Quite ridiculous, right? Even some of the display stands they used, had to be provided by Robinson's.

Side elevation.

Bird's eye view, close to their isometric angle produced in Autocad.
What a pity that the rice cookers didn't show up properly at this scale and rendering.
It took me a while to model it. See if I have the time to render the rice cooker alone and post up.

The front perpective, overview of the whole site with the stage.
This stage will be up for the first week. It will be taken away in the second week.

The stage view.
Comcepts doesn't want human figures and any site background (no time to shoot on site given the tight timeframe too). It looked rather cold and empty to me, as compared to the normal perspective done by me.

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