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Sunday, January 21, 2007

illustrations for Knowledge Director - School of the Future for River Kutai, Indonesia

These artist impressions are used as proposal to River Kutai in Indonesia, selling them the concept of School of the Future. Based on the few miserable photos of River Kutai provided by the client, I had to come out with a series of sketches illustrating their visions, based on imagination.

An overview of the River Kutai and the boat with teacher and students on it.

Closer view.

Using Tablet PC to learn.

Mosque in the background.

On the land.

Desktop PCs at the rear the boat, students and teacher having lessons in front. As these sketches are more emphasis on concepts than functions, details and feasibility will be further developed at a later stage. (Client's requests too)

River Kutai and building skyline in the background.

From urban to rural areas.

Reaching the rural area.

Landing on the kampung site.

School of the Future in the rural area.

Townscape sketches based on the Flash video provided by the client.

Wireless communication at the foyer/atrium space.

Wireless communication at the green.

Wireless learning through Tablet PCs in the lecture theater.

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