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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Artist Impressions for Johnny Walker

The client is going to hold a dinner at City Hall end of this month.
Hence, they need artist impressions to submit to the Singapore Land Authority to give the latter an impression of how they are going to do up the place, in order to get approval from them.

This is the original photo from them.

Added in the steps of blue carpet (navy blue is their corporate colour) and the big Johnny Walker logo in 3dsmax.

Original photo.

Added in the candle stands, blue carpet and a table.

Original photo.

Three big banners hanging down from the beam on the second floor.
The client is very specific on the position sequence and the cropping proportion of the image. (The original images are squarish in proportion)

Original photo.

The prop on stage to hide the Mr and Mrs Presidents' photo during the event.
I model the whisky stands, frames and lamps etc based on their design.

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