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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Caricatures for Nox Marketing

The client will be using these caricatures of Mr Teo Ser Luck 张思乐 (minister of Hougang or SengKang?),for printing on mugs, T-shirts etc to raise fund for charity. I proposed to do it in colour, so as to bring out the features and facial muscles especially of these caricatures. They can still change it to gray scale to cut cost on the production/printing side. However, the client mentioned that there may be problems when they had them printed on T-shirt printing using silkscreen technology. Not sure. I always thought that there should not be any problem in this aspect, or else how did those graphics with shades and toning be printed on T-shirts in the market?

Featuring him in a rubber duckie tube - featuring as a swimmer. The client's intention was to make him looked cute and not too realistic and professional, so as to entice the customers to buy these products.

Featuring him blogging in front of his computer.

Featuring as a hip-hop dancer.
Did you notice the mini-combo on his shoulder?
Thought I saw these in the flash dancers in the 1980s?
The client's request....... so I drew it in.

Fearturing him on a tricycle, though he is an triathlete - the client's request too.

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