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Sunday, January 21, 2007

comic strips for Citibank - Part 2

6. Nelson + superstitious (2 panel)

1st panel - Pieces of Orange peel from Chinese New Year of different years starting from 1995 vintage.

2nd panel - Nelson coming in during Chinese New Year to send out emails to "start work".

7. Nelson being competitive (2 panels)

1st panel - Nelson with 2 other guys with 1 full bowl of hot noodles each in front of them during regular lunch.

2nd panel - 3 guys competing to finish noodles 1st. Nelson throwing down his cutlery when he's 1st to fiinish noodles. Others still have noodles oozing out of mouths.

8. Nelson being dare-devil and reckless during driving (1 panel)

Nelson in car (BMW 5 series) with head out of window, open mouth scolding other drivers for cutting into lane. Tall guy next to him very scared.

9. Nelson SMSing with 2 others during meeting (1 panel)

16 people around board table (rectangular) during board meeting. Nelson + 2 others busily SMSing having their own conversation (can be represented by 3 handphones in triangular setting, showing SMSes from each other).

10. Share price (1 panel)

Line graph showing Citigroup Share price. Name of table is "Thackery Scholes Model". Line graph should be zig zag with a slight upward direction, suddenly doubles. At top of graph where line spikes upwards, draw a BMW 6 series (nelson's dream car when share price hits $100+. Currently at $56) .

11. Joining Regional (2 panels)

1st panel - Nelson at desk with piles of work Bubble thoughts "Basket... These people in the ivory tower...#$^&*$$$$$" .

2nd panel - Nelson running on path towards a tower (ivory tower). Message - "If you cannot beat them, join them!"

12. Soccer field getting bigger every year (3 panels)
1st panel - title of event is "CBM Soccer Challenge". Normal soccer field with 3 people back facing. Of the 3, 1 taller person is in middle.
2nd panel - above repeated but with bigger soccer field.
3rd panel - as above but soccer encompasing the entire panel, only see the heads of the 3 persons (same thing with taller guy in middle)
After discussing with the clients, they agreed to my proposal on changes to this scenario.
What they have proposed will appear like different zoom ranges on drawings. They doesn't really show these 3 guys were getting old.

I had the three playing soccer, chasing after the ball. Year 2003.

Year 2004, they had problems going after the ball.

Year 2005, one of them knocked off by the soccer ball, while Nelson was still unaware ofthe situation, looking far, saying ' The field just gets bigger every year!'

At last! All done!!!Phew!

Framed up with captions. (updated on 31st Jan 2007, 12:50pm)

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