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Friday, January 05, 2007

Chinese names for blogs

This morning, my fingers were a bit itchy.
I gave my kids' and wife's, and even my blogs chinese names, based on the characters in our names.
My blog - 不可没
My wife's blog - 无不至
My son's blog - 欢童园
My Daughter's blog - 欢天
Quite like the last 3 names.
Recently updated my wife's blog for her.
She's always very busy...... and lazy to update her blog. Hahaha......
So the job was left to me. I uploaded the photos she had taken with her handphone camera.
Aiyah, in fact, I maintain all the blogs. That's why I am very busy besides my work. Just want to keep track of my kids activities and photos etc, so that when they grow up, they can still look back to their own blogs and recoup their childhood days. Hopefully, Blogger will still be alive by then. If not, my years of hardwork by then will be down the drain.

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