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Monday, January 01, 2007

Caricature for Singapore Police Force

Happy New Year!
2006 was gone. 2007 now. Everybody has a plan ahead, except me.
Don't know what to plan. Maybe work hard, but not overwork. Do some exercise. More family time. Usually when a plan comes into my mind, I will just do it. Sounds like Nike slogan hor? Hence, the above is just my rough plan.
Quite fruitful in 2006. Website got PageRank 3. Better business. More savings. Hahaha..... at least beyond my target by a bit.

First caricature of this year.
It was recommended by a client from Singapore Police Force, but different department.
This gentleman above is retiring. He's the Senior Assistant Commissioner.

Framed up. Different from the usual frame we have done. Now, it made sense why he was in this posture.
The VCD was created by the client. Inside are all videos and photos about him.
The client initially wanted this frame to be able to open up whenever when he wanted to watch the videos. However, my framing guy said it can't be done from the front, except to open it from the back. I proposed to the client to have this VCD secured in the frame. Give him another copy which he can watch whenevr he wants. I proposed to have a metal inscription to make the whole artpiece looks complete, and nice of course. Hahaha...

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