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Sunday, January 21, 2007

3D illustrations for Knowledge Director - School of the Future

At this stage, the client - Knowledge Director, was going into more details in the chair design for the School of the Future.
I came out a simple design for them, such that it was easy available in the market. Just modify a few parts, and it will be done.
It was just a normal swivel armchair, with a top for the Tablet PC. A spotlight over the shoulder, and a hanger for the laptop bag at the back of the chair.

Various angles of the swivel armchair, modelled in 3dsmax.

These two images rendered in 3dsmaxm were to illustrate a classroom surrounded by screens to create the virtual space. The top illustrated lessons on galaxy/universe space, while the bottom on photosynthesis.
These people were receiving informations from the screens, as well as the Tablet PCs in front of them.

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