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Friday, January 19, 2007

comic strips for Citibank - Part 1

These are the sets of comic strips which I mentioned in previous post, in which the client will them to print as calenders. 12 scenarios altogether. Don't know why, I was going at a tremendous slow speed with these comic strips, than drawing the caricatures.
This time, we were drawing these in the form of comic strips, asI proposed to have some really exaggerated expressions for him. Moreover, the client also can't get different expressions of him on photos.

The following captions/brief in italic were from the client.

1. Nelson always in sunglasses (3 panels). We thought the best way to portray this is to give 3 situations where he's in sunglasses

1st panel - Nelson wearing sunglasses, carrying umbrella, rainy day, with Millenia Towers as the backdrop .

2nd panel - Nelson sitting outdoors drinking coffee with a group of people, having sunglasses on.

3rd panel - Nelson stepping out of lift with sunglasses.

2. Nelson always with many young ladies (3 panels) Again, 3 scenarios depicting morning, noon and night.

1st panel - Nelson receiving multiple phone calls from different girls asking him to accompany for breakfast.

2nd panel - Nelson waiting at lift lobby at noon, with 4 girls walking towards him

3rd panel - Nelson at bar with girls.

3. Nelson with many varied TV programs (2 panels)2 panel storyboard

1st panel - TV program page on newspaper showing the different shows & times. Many circles on different programs (aka job adverts) e.g. 24, Prison Break, CNN, National Geographic, Travel, Soccer - Liverpool vs Man U

2nd panel - Nelson sitting on couch, back facing, with 3 TVs, multiple hands with remote control

4. Emails (3 panels)3 panel storyboard

1st panel - Female staff staring at computer (Outlook) with message showing no emails on inbox at 7am .

2nd panel - Another colleague walk by asking "No emails?"

3rd panel - 1st staff says "Ya...because Nelson's gone... he left GCB yesterday"

5. Annual pilgramage to KL (3 panels)1 picture repeated 3 times with different years Nelson driving SUV with sunglasses on. 5 others at back of car, show landscape as driving towards KL (Petronas Towers). Staff at back playing prime number game (2, 3, 5, 7, .... 1223). 1st panel in 2001, 2nd panel in 2003 and last panel in 2005

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