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Sunday, January 07, 2007

breakfast at the Greenroom cafe

Brought my family to Bishan Park for breakfast just now.
Initial plan was to Acacia for western breakfast.
We have been there for quite a number of times, cos the American Breakfast was quite good , and the price was reasonable. At least it was better than Mcdonald's breakfast.
Unfortunately, Acacia was closed for business these few days.
Then, we saw the Greenroom cafe nearby.
That place was windy (Luckily not greenhouse effect hahaha...) and cosy, and the food they served was organic, like baby oat (which I ordered but they don't have it today) and brown rice porridge (I ordered this for my daughter). I ordered pancake for myself. My wife and son ordered the scrambled egg with bread stick. It took them ages to get them to serve the food, especially the scrambled egg. I thought they are waiting for the eggs to be hatched.
I won't say that the food we ordered taste awful, but just not tasty, very plain. Was organic food meant to be like that?
When I pay the bill, quite surprise when they charge me for the service charge, GST and the concession rate. It was the norm for all restaurants, but why I am surprised? Cos they put up there $5.80 nett per breakfast. Wasn't nett inclusive of all charges, and no additional charges? I asked the cashier, but he didn't gave me an answer.......
Think this will be my first and last visit to this cafe. Not because of the nett issue, but the food, unless my mum wanted to eat organic food.

The brown rice porridge. Taste not that bad, probably the best among the breakfast we have ordered.

This was the scrambled egg. Maybe the bread was made of organic wheat.
No photo for the pancake. Is it made organic wheat too?

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