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Friday, January 19, 2007

illustrations for Knowledge Director - School of the Future in taipei

This was set of artist impressions done for Knowledge Director in Nov/Dec 2005. They are more like conceptual drawings used to propose to schools in Taipei about School of the Future, using Confucious {a wise philosopher (circa 551-479 BC), sometimes went by the names Kong Zi though he was born - Kong Qiu - styled Zhong Ni.} as the main character. They had this idea way before Singapore government proposed the in2015 plan, in which using IT technologies like Tablet PC, PDA and wireless network in schools to conduct lessons, communicateand get informations online, instead of the traditional blackboards, or whiteboards and books used currently in school. The idea was fresh, but a bit eerie (haha...) to draw a dead man conducting lessons.
As the client doesn't need really high detail drawing (limited budget too), I did the sketches in pencil and rendered them in Photoshop.

Confucious conducting lesson outdoor.

In classroom using Tablet PC.

Conducting lessons in the park.

In the museum.

In the classroom, using Tablet PC

In the library.

In the atrium space.

Communicate wirelessly with another group of students in the park.

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