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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

cartoon mosquito

This was a cartoon mosquito illustration created for 9 Koi marketing for printing on a flyer or label (?) next to their product. It was a fan which can suck mosquito into it. Sounds interesting. However, I don't have a chance to see it at all.

This below illustration was for their second year. The client told me that they need to change the illustration every year. This time round, they want to print on the envelope or letterhead.
Thus, you see the mosquito grabbing the crumpled paper here.

First pencil sketch.

Second sketch, closing up the wings, to show the speed of flipping.

Adding stripes to the bodyand changing it to a corner of the paper.
Some trembling effects added in too.

The final illustration done in Macromedia Freehand.
They wanted an EPS format so that they have no problem with the resolution when they enlarged the graphic for other purposes.

1 comment:

Gerard said...

So, this drawing is done by you. A great job done. You can see it at their website.

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