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Friday, January 12, 2007

Caricatures on mousepads

Finally get these mousepads done, after much hazzles. See the original caricature artwork here.
I spent some time in creating these 13 artworks for the 13 mousepads, with each name highlighted individually.
Then the supplier told me that the blue colour background turned out to be black when printed.
Of course this was not acceptable. At least, the dark brown hair will sink in in the mousepad.
As the graphic I have given the supplier are all flattened into one layer of jpeg format, they can't alter the blue colour with ease. There were blue with the holes of some alphabets too.
I send them the tiff with layers file. Then problems arise. My photoshop version was CS2 which can read layers in tiff format, while they use Photoshop 7, which read the layers as a single layers.
No choice, Ihad to go back to my layer files and split each layer up and send to them. Timeframe was tight too. I had to postpone the delivery date with my client till today. Luckily, the supplier managed get them done and sent to my gallery. Phew.........
Posted this photo to the original post too.

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