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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Silhouette cutting for Kuehne + Nagel Annual Dinner and Dance 2006

Hahaha.... My virgin show in silhouette cutting today.
It was held in Atrium Ballroom, Raffles City, 6pm - 7pm.
After days of practice, now is the time I show off my skills.
The result turned out better than I have expected.
Thought it will be worse initially. I was mentally prepared for it before I came to this event.
As usual, when the event starts at 6pm, the guests will always be late.
My first cut started at 6:20pm.
I noticed silhoutte cutting was not as popular as (my) caricature sketching, at least these people are not so enthusiastic. No queue, stopped about 1-2 minutes before next one sat down. I can be sure that my display samples weren't that bad. At least, they managed to recognised Tom Cruise and Andy Lau (though I was not very skillful and experienced at this stage). Perhaps, it was not as obvious and fun as caricatures in which you can see the features and unexpected (pleasant of course) surprise.
Overall, I gave myself 60 out of 100.
I can perform better with more experience and practice.
Maybe this would be my last show doing silhoueete cutting.
It was quite fun.
But I like sketching portraits and caricatures more. More satisfaction!!!

First one and a successful one. Phew!

This one, I think it's acceptable only, cos a bit small lah, but quite delicate.

I think this is the best one!

This one not bad too. Did you see her teeth?

I think I am getting more experienced at this stage.

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