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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Tetra Pak Asia Annual Dinner and Dance 2006

This event was held in Meritus Mandatin Hotel, right opposite where I used to busk (in front of Crown Prince Hotel) last year. Hello Singtel! was gone, replaced by HSBC and Starbucks Coffee. As usual, there are roadshows and booth in front. Looking at the mess (water) done by Olympus booth, I felt that I have made the right choice in getting a shop. No more worrying of not getting a place to setup my booth; no more worrying about the weather, especially the rain; no more worrying of people smoking around me and air pollution from the vehicles; no more worrying of battery going flat; no more worrying of people knocking into me while I was many 'no more' and what's more and most important, my business is a lot better and dun have to work on weekends. Hahaha.... meaning I have a normal family life. I don't have to work in the evening. (Drawing at home till late night not considered lah.)

These are the photos captured during the event.

Quite close, right?

Another good couple caricatures.

Look closer to the caricature if she faces the same angle as the drawing.

A guy from Thailand. His colleagues keep saying 'sa-wat-dee-ka' (did I spell correctly?), so I drew him as a monk. Nice, right?!

A smiley guy who can hold his smile for 5 mins.

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