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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caricature live sketching for QBE Asia Bagus! 2006

This 1 hour event was held in Oriental Hotel, Singapore. They need 2 caricaturists. Thus I got Reggie to come along. He saw my new sample caricatures in pen. I think he was quite surprised, as I have been using pencil all along. After the event, he even asked me where I got the pen. I think he maybe getting one. He has been using those technical pen and marker. I used to use them, but the uniform thickness of the lines made the portraits and caricatures look lifeless. I abandoned them long ago. The variation of thickness of the lines by the fountain pen was my main reason in switching to pen for live caricature again. My friend, Alan stood behind us through the event, watching us drawing. He will be sketching for an event next Friday for Microsoft Dinner and Dance, refered by me. As he has not sketched for any event before, he was here to feel the pressure of live sketching. My only advice to him was practice, practice and practice. Let see how he performs next week.

Scary headset. Hahah... Took me a few minutes to draw it.

A closer one.

Best caricature done for this evening.

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