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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas gifts......

I am getting the fountain pen as Christmas gifts for my younger sister and sister-in-law. Hahaha........ Hopefully they don't read my blog and don't open the gifts at the same moment and same venue. If not....... Hack care. This is good stuff. They both draw. Thus, I think they will love it and appreciate it. I intend to get Dragonball DVDs for my son. However, just found out from him (on our way home) that he wanted Android 16 and Great Ape in Dragonball. That should save me one hundred bucks. Hohoho....... The most expensive gift will be for my wife. I am looking at 2 3G phones - Sony Ericsson K800i and Nokia N80. Why 3G? My Sony Ericsson P990i has 3G capability, but no one for me to call. And Starhub gave me 100 mins free monthly. So sad....... So I decided to get her one. At least the kids can call her Singtel line ($30 free monthly) and can see her while on her way back home. From the review I have read online, K800i can capture better quality photo, and looks almost similar to her K750i (bought for her last Christmas). But too bad, no Wi-Fi (given that we have 3 years free wireless@sg. I don't see any reason in not getting a Wi-Fi which costs a bit more. Ifcost $600 or more, then forget about it then. Hahaha......) . I afraid she may use GPRS to connect online. She will, and I am paying for her phone bills. This will cost me a bomb. She has never use Nokia before, and doesn't like Nokia phones all along. But when she knew that can do online shopping, she chose that. She felt that K800i look too squarish( thought looks similar to her K750i?! Woman huh.... hard to predict what she likes). Luckily I told her beforehand. Of course lah, cost few hundreds leh - $398 for 12 months upgrade. No surprise but no shock too. At least she likes what she gets. And luckily she knew it beforehand. We went together to choose the colour. I will choose black colour, but she likes bronze (looks like silver to me). She can't upgrade now. We will just have to wait till 21st Dec. So 4 more days to go. Hopefully still have stock by then.

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