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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery - Superheroes

Heheh......finally had a chance to draw Superheroes ( I mean group caricatures, not those Superman solo type one)in caricatures, after a few years.
The last piece was for a restaurant in Suntec City, at the left side of the entrance. Can't remeber it's name. Worse, I lost that digital copy. So nothing to post up.
Of course, this one looked better than that one. More experienced and more skillful over the years of non-stop drawing ma. It will look better if it was in colour, but client no budget. Initially, they want the caricatures to be done in pencil. On second thought, they upgrade (:)) it to be done in ink.
By the way, this client is different from the other job for APB. Just happened that their orders came in almmost together.

These superheroes had distinctive colours for their outfit.
For examples, Spiderman was in red and blue. Green lantern in green outfit. Batman in black. All these were not seen when they were in black and white.
The client had a second order, initially wanted to collect next week. However, the guy who's leaving next week (also the guy who's receiving the caricature) will be leaving only after Chinese New Year. Hence, that group caricatures will only be done next February. That theme will be different. All famous Chinese historic, comic and novel characters and celebrities like Xiao Long Nu, Yang Guo, Bruce Lee, Nie Feng, Bu Jing Yun, Bao Qing Tian, Wu Song, Tang Sheng, Er lang Shen...... This is crazy but will be very fun. Why? I like to draw comics ma!

This was a farewell gift for the guy in Spiderman suit.
The client told me that her colleagues who were in the caricatures were very excited when they knew that they can have different characters for themselves. Thus, they began to take photos of themselves with different expressions. Of course not all expressions are suitable. I chose those which fit in better. Above is the pencil sketch.

See the above scary and really really rough draft, which no one can tell if without the names. Haha.... cos this was only for me to start positioning them before the actual pencil draft.

The inking done. The time taken to do this was almost as long as the colour one.
Why? Because I have to add in the shadows on the clothing and bodies etc to have the impact even though it was in black and white, just like those which you see in those Marvel and DC comics. Of course I am not so skillful like them. Or else, I won't be drawing caricatures here. Hahaha.........
It looked empty on the left hand side, and without colour, it doesn't look so great.
In fact, with this, I have done my job and can answer to the client.
But to answer to myself, and also to bring it to another level, I cut out the white background part and pasted on a black mounting board.

The outcome was a lot better, right? When my wife saw me cutting out the background, she said, 'Wow, do so much work for them?' I tried not to have all my drawings look the same, if I can. If I can make it look better, I won't hesitate to do so. I still have passions for my job, okay?! Hahaha........ This was why I still stick to the same job for more than 12 years.

I think it looked even better when it was framed up. Don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

Great job! =D

- Superman

jit said...

Thank you.
Are you Adrian - the Supreman inthe caricatures?


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