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Friday, December 01, 2006

caricature live sketching for ECSF Annual Dinner and Dance 2006

This event was right after the sketching for ESPN Star Sports D&D.
The booking was 6:30pm - 7:30pm.
When I reached at 6:15pm, they told me that I was early.
The event will only start at 6:45pm.
No worry, the beach looked good in the sunset.
I sat by at the beach chatting with my friend, Eddie (who shot some videos of my sketching earlier on in ESPN event).
I knew that by the time I start sketching, the sky will turn dark.
It will be hard for me to see, given that the only lighting they provide was from the stage.
Inevitably, the result will not be that good.

Best caricature done in this event.

Caricatures of mother and daughter.

This one quite sweet too.

P/S; I lost the email list of these guest for the 2 events today.
Die liao, they will say that I make empty promise.
I told them I will email the photos to them.
Hopefully, they managed to find their way here to this post to download, from the url I put on every drawings. However, most of the time, they won't, unless they are very interested in my works.

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