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Monday, December 04, 2006

caricature live sketching for Waters Asia Ltd - Part 1

After the sketch at the National Museum (from 4:30pm - 6pm), I rushed down to National University of Singapore (NUS), University Cultural Centre to sketch for the guests of Waters Asia Limited. They had a booth there. Haha...don't know the name of their event even after I got the payment. Pai Seh..... Hahaha.....
This University Cultural Centre is a new building. Eleven years ago when I left School of Architecture, NUS, it is not built yet. (Due to the short timeframe, I don't have the time to tour around the campus, especially the beef Kuey Teow in the Arts Canteen, Forum, and School of Architecture. I read in the My Paper that the Arts canteen will be torn down soon. Is it true? What a pity!)

This event was quite long, from 7pm to 10pm.
It has been quite a long time that I didn't sketched for events more than 2 hours at one go.
I used to sketch for this kind of similar events for Alianze and GSK few years ago. The former was about 4 hours a day, for 3 consecutive days. The latter was 6 hours for 3 consecutive days.
Thus, I couldn't quite get used to this 3-hour event.

This company initially wanted to book me for this event. Later, due to some reasons, they gave up the ideas, when I checked with them last week. Then, they called me on Saturday, telling me that their boss decided to engage my service. As I have agreed to sketch for the Peranakan Place event form 5pm to 6:30pm, I have to change the timing with the client of Peranakan Place. Luckily, tehy agreed to shift their time 30 mins earlier. If not, I will have problem in reaching NUS from National Museum in 30 minutes (6:30pm - 7pm) during the peak hours.

Here are the photos taken at this event.

This gentleman was quite enthusiastic in getting his caricature done.
I think it was well done. Too bad that the photo taken was not sharp.

Another good one!

Quite close resemblance!

The photograpgheralso had his caricature done.

One of the better caricatures done this evening.

Pretty close resemblance too.

Nice couple caricatures!

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