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Thursday, December 28, 2006

NXP caricatures - 1 more caricature added in

Seems like the internet connection in Singapore to oversea servers like Blogger is getting back to normal. I can post up images today. Hahaha........ (29th Dec 2006, 11:52am now)

Was this the same caricatures posted up earlier? Yes, but added in 1 more caricature.
The client initially told me 23 people to be drawn in total.
Later, they said 22.
I reconfirmed with them, and they said it was 22.
After their collection yesterday, they called me this afternoon, saying that they want to include one more face. Luckily, there's still a space for that additional caricature, unlike the job for JCDecaux who requested to add in one more face after the caricatures were done, but no space to add in.
Compare the two and you should see that missing guy in the first drawing.

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