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Saturday, December 02, 2006

More practise....

I am still working hard on the silhouette cuttings.
I have tried a number of time on my family members, and gave to them (so no photo taken).
I have even tried on statues. You won't believe that.
I run out of live models.
Last night, I even think of going downstair to offer free silhouette cutting service to the public, as training. Rather crazy. However, I may do it if I can't get any models later.
The event is coming near, less than 4 hours from now.
The same event company just sms me to make a booking with me on silhouette cutting on 8th Dec, even before seeing my skills. Hahaha..... What if he regrets it today?!!!
Anyway, I am book on that day for 2 events on caricature sketching service.
No chance to see my skill again on that day. Hahaha......

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