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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Yusof Ishak Secondary School Annual Dinner and Dance 2006

This 1 hour caricature sketching event was held at Swissotel Padang (?) (never take note)Ballroom. I only realised that I didn't bring my Sony F7171 digital camera for the shooting when I reached the venue. Bad memory lately. Luckily I still have my p990i handphonew with me. Though only at 2 mega-pixel, the quality of the photos were still acceptable, unlike my previous p910i.

The guests came in late. Thus, I started sketching only at 6:10pm. To my surprise when I counted the number of people I have sketched - 8 caricatures within 50mins, not bad!

The event organiser's brother(?). The guests were not in yet. Hence, he sat in.

The better and fun one. The hairstyle, the sleepy eyes, and the wide mouth, sharp chin - all comics like. See the new posture from my sudden inspiration on the spot? Initial intention was to have his thumb stuck out. Later, I pulled it in, changed it to a fist. Not bad, I think.

The two (see above and below) who 'complained' that their 'hidung' (nose in Malay) were big in the caricatures.
I was going a bit extreme on their features.
Since he's not those handsome kind (sorry), I might as well make them comical and cute, rather than not here and not there.

I gave him a Ah Beng body to suit his Wang Xiao Long's hairstyle in Long Hu Men.

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