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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caricature theme - wedding in Sentosa, Singapore

This couple intended to have this caricature drawing of them to be printed on their wedding invitation card. The wedding will be held in Palawan Beach in Sentosa. Thus, their request was having the Merlion, cable car, and their golden S60 Volvo in the background.
I like this caricature drawing, especially on the details of the sand and the car. It also ends off nicely, without the straight edges. It will look nicer when printed on the wedding invitation cards, as they can easily manouveir the graphic for to achieve a better layout. The graphic won't look so stiff too. Thanks to the fountain pen too. The end result was a lot better than using brush.
I am going at full trotter speed in clearing the orders till 27th Dec, these few days, of course with quality. Right now, I am quite satisfied with the speed I am going. I have done almost finished the pencil sketches of the NXP caricatures. By 3pm+, I should be able to do some inking, and go out with my mum, wife and kids for an early Christmas dinner at 5pm+. Hahaha.... Kiasu indeed, cos we didn't make any reservations. So we are aiming to be the first few customers once the restaurant, Crystal Palace opens for business. Hopefully, they don't allow reservation, then we should have a chance to dine there this evening. Hohoho...............

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