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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flood in Malaysia

Just heard from the news that the flood in Malaysia was quite bad. The bridge in Mersing was detraoyed by the flood. No traffic can bypass Kota Tinggi. My mum was quite lucky. She came from Kuantan (my hometown) yesterday to pay us a visit. The bus she was in, managed to come to Singapore, with slight delay of 30mins. The bus driver told her that the bus leaving Singapore at 10am, reach Kuantan the next day at 5am, because of the flood. That was scary. 19 hours on the bus for an 6-7 hours trip!!! I have just called my brother who was staying in Kuantan. He told me that Kuantan Bridge was flooded, about 1ft above the bridge. His Vios may not be able to reach home if he went back slightly later. Today, the rain had stopped in Kuantan, but Sungei Lembing (the place where I was born 34 years ago.) was flooded! This was a nice place if you are tired of urban city life. This village was surrounded by mountains. Hence, whenever the rain was heavy, the water level will rise from the river and can go as high as 2 storeys!!! My parents were too sick of the flood every year end. They moved to Kuantan when I was at the age of 4. I will get some flood photos from my uncle who is staying there, next time when I see him and post up for you to take a look. Perhaps this coming Chinese New year. Show you some photos which I found online first.

This building was designed by my late grandfather who didn't went through any architectural studies, in 1960s. He was quite talented, but didn't have a chance to went through much formal education.

The main street, where my aunt (Father's elder sister) house (on the left foreground, not in pic) and the house where I used to stay (opposite these rows of shophouses) were.

See the buildings on the right. Further in, think the sixth building is where my uncle's (My mum's elder brother) house.. On the left, not in the photo, is the market. In the centre, those littles huts are eating houses. Used to have nice noodles there. But no more in business now, as the youngsters left this village, to town and city for work. Population here was quite miserable.

The Sungei Lenbing library.

The entrance to the Panorama Hill (never knew the name till I saw it online today). Got tigers here. No joke. People heard the tiger roars and saw their footprints before, but not me. Hahaha.....

My dad used to capture this scenery on top of the Panorama hill before.
Show you next time.

The beautiful sunrise. To see this, we used to wake up at 4am+, climbed up the mountain in the dark and reached the top around 5:40am (high mountain indeed) , to standby and wait for that moment.!

This is the waterfall which we can see from the Panorama Hill when the dew subside, on the opposite side of the mountain. Pai seh, but I have never been to this waterfall before/

These guys managed to go in and got the rainbow above the water shot. Cool!


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