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Friday, December 22, 2006

her new 3G handphone

I went to buy the Nokia N80 handphone with my wife and mother-in-law in Ang Mo Kio yesterday.
Before I go, I searched on Singtel website.
Sick, they raised the price to $598 for a 2-year plan.
Thus, my instinct told me that I won't have a good news when I went to that handphone shop who told me the price of $398 for a 12-month upgrade.
Not much surprise and shock, they told me N73 and N80 are out of stock. We went to several Singtel authorised handphone shops in AMK central, we managed to find one. There, I came to notice that there was a difference in N80 and N80 Internet Edition. Of course, the latter has a built-in Wi-Fi. Then, they told me that my wife's line (under my name) can only upgrade on the 24th Dec. And Singtel had instructed them to raise the price of all handphones on 23rd Dec. The reason was Christmas promotions are over. What?!!! It's not even Christmas yet. +-x/#*.............
No choice. I told my wife that we postponed to get the phone 2 months later, on our wedding anniversary. (Don't want to let Singtel pocket my $$$ in that way.) She asked for a pair of new spectacles for Christmas gift. Ok loh. Sianz..........
My mother-in-law bought a N73 yesterday. It was meant for her birthday gift last month. Hahaha...... Initially, when my wife showed her the price on Singtel flyer few days ago, she asked why give her a cheap phone of $99 as birthday present?! I was not that at that time. I told my wife that she should explain to her that it was a good phone. $99 was for Premium Plan. $198 after trade-in. Retail price was $498 with no contract.
Yesterday, I psycho her to get this phone. It is a good phone ma. 3.2megapixel, 3G etc. No need Wi-Fi, given that she won't surf the net.
She got it yesterday. So happy but yet cannot use the 3G video phone, cos no network. Hahaha.....
Just now, my wife called asked me to give her a ring to test her 3G phone. (We are the only 2 with 3G phone in the family). So grotesque! Talking to her face to face on 3G phone. I said no lah, wait till my son comes back from school lah I rather talk to him. Hahaha.........I don't think she will read my blog. Kekeke..........
I called her handphone around 1:30pm. Talked to her awhile , then chat with my son. They were so fascinated with the new phone. Then later when my daughter woke up, my mother-in-law tried to call me on through video calls. Think she doesn't know how to make video call. I received voice calls from her only, after several attempts. I called again. I can see my daughter screaming excitedly when she saaw my face in the phone.
I think my wife will be dying to get a 3G phone soon wwhen she knew that.
Aiya, back to my drawing desk!!!

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