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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Earthquake in Taiwan

I never knew that earthquake in Taiwan yesterday was related to my internet connection till this morning.
When I reached my gallery and fired up my PC this morning, I found out that there's some problem with my internet connection.
I can't connect to my MSN and Yahoo Messenger.
Access to my website was damn slow.
I checked my email.
I was able to download emails from my Singnet and Pacific Net mailbox, but not that main email of I was puzzled.
After checking my phone line connection and restarting my modem and PC several times, the problem persisted.
Then I heard from radio that the speed of internet in Asia was very low due to the earthquake in Taiwan . The cables on the seabed were damaged. Singtel and Starhub were trying to amend this problem. I never knew that the cables were all under the sea. I asked my friend who visited me this afternoon, thought it was through satellite that we connect through internet. I checked with m=another friend of mine Henry, and he told me they were all under the sea. Huh?!!! That will be thousands kilometres of cable leh!
Connection to local website was fine. No wonder I can download from Singnet and Pacnet mailbox. My main email is hosted with Yahoo. Their servers were in US. Sick! I will lose quite a considerable amount of business. People can't or take long time to access my website. The emails they sent to be may be delayed. And worst, just heard from the news on TV that it will take them 3 weeks to repair this. Faint.............
It took me ages to login to the Blogger and post. And now I can't post up images. Die liao loh! 3 weeks no blogging? Can't imagine what will happen in these 3 weeks.......... Help......................

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