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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Singapore Press Club - part 1

Rushed down from the event in Mandarin Hotel to this 2 hour event Tiger Live! St. James Power Station within 45 mins.
Sound like a lot of time, but in reality - NO.
The traffic was quite jammed in town on every Friday evening. I have no idea where the exact location was too.
Just knew from my wife that it was next to VivoCity.
When I reached the carpark, worse, no parking lots.
Left 5 mins, no choice but I have to park illegally with no parking lot marquee, next to a car.
(Luckily, neither was I fined nor my car being wheel-clamped after the event.)

Ehmm... the client got the APB (the host - Asia Pacific Brewery) cardboard for me to draw on the back. It was in A5 size. Quite small as compared to the normal A4 size I am used to. I am sitting on a bar stool and a bar table for me to use.My right hand can't rest on the small cardboard. Inevitably, this slowed down my speed. I had to capture their essense in less strokes and details.
Surprisingly, the paper worked great with my fountain pen. The lines and strokes didn't break and ink flow continuously.. I was satisfied with the result. Hmmmm..... maybe I should change to using smooth paper in future events.

This event was extended 30mins initially, due to popular demand, and then extended another 30 mins. 3 hours --- tired, just like the event last Friday. It stopped at 11:15pm. Was it that I am getting old (hahaha....)? I can sketched for 4-6 hours non-stop few years back (Of course tired after the event). My conclusion was I didn't had my dinner. Too hungry, and no mood to draw till so late. My wife and kids are waiting for me. I want to to go home!

Linda, the girl who look for me to sketch for this event.
She said that I have drawn her before in another event previously.
Is it? Looked familiar. I think so. Sorry, Linda. My memory was not good. Hahaha.....
She took the lead to kick start the live sketching.

Ehmm... She didn't keep still, chatting with her friends while I drew. So the result wasn't that good. No choice. Just like photo taking, you don't keep still, the quality won't be that good.

Quite a nice one.

I was going on a more extreme style. Think he can't take it. That's why he asked around whether the caricature looked like him. I think so.
Can you locate his son (a few photos below)?

Nice caricature!!!

Here's the son. Did you get it correct?

Another good one.

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