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Friday, December 08, 2006

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery - Tiger Beer, SIngapore

The client is going to use these caricatures as slides for presentation in their company event - think it's called Tiger Live next Wednesday. They are going to introduce this guy, one of the pioneers (I think so, Hahaha...) of this company, and then present him with another colour caricature.

In the office with Tiger Beer in his hand.

Playing tennis with Tiger Beer in his hand.

Standing next to the Tiger Beer on a globe.

On his Volvo in from of Asia Pacific Brewery building.
The client didn't provide many photos. Hence, I have to flip his face for the caricature, to make some variation when they are flashed as slides.

Riding on the Tiger in the logo. Quite cool, right?

In Tiger suit. It was the client's idea. It looked rather ____ to me. Feels more like a Garfield. Hahaha....

As they are going to present it to him this Wednesday at Tiger Live! (St. James Power House) {which I will be sketching at this Friday too!}, they want to use Tiger Live! in the background, especially the tower with the light beam. As the marker medium I am using can't create a good smooth gradient effect, I proposed to have it done separately, scanned in the original, paste and print it out, and have it framed.

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