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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Caricature theme - chef cooking

Last order collecting before Christmas. Phew! But still no rest yet. I have to clear the orders collecting after Christmas, especially a last minute order which came in yesterday. There are 22 people in the caricatures, which will definitely burn of my Christmas. (The client - NXP needs it by 27th Dec 2006) I am not really celebrating, but looking forward to at least a half-day break. Unless I work hard these few days, I don't think I can take a break during this holiday.
This caricature of the chef was meant to be a Christmas gift to be exchanged. He is still in the 15-months chef course in At-Sunrice, specialising in Chinese and Western food. The initial intention was to have a front view of him. However, due to the height of the chef hat, both sides will appear too empty. Thus, I change to a three quarter view, with the fire and fried rice from the wok in the air, on the right of the caricature. At least, now it looked better in terms of layout.

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