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Friday, December 22, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Siemens Top+ cum Christmas celebration 2006

This 1 hour event was held at Equinox, level 69, Swissotel Singapore.
I was here sketching few years back. Really enjoyed this place, as I can view most part of Singapore at this level. That time, it was about to rain, and I can see the dark clouds approaching. This time round, the view looks misty (like hazey).

Not a good shot.

This was a good start.

The mummy-to-be. The Demi Moore posture was a request from her colleagues.
Nice, right?

This angle didn't really show her resemblance as seen in the caricature.
Quite enjoying drawing this caricature.

A close one.

Best caricature done this evening.

This gentleman was lucky. He was the 27th, last on the queue list. All those in front left to start their dinner. Thus he got the chance to be drawn before I left.

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