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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Caricature live sketching for AVIVA Staff Dinner 2006 - part 1

This 2 hour event was held in the Oosh Restaurant in Dempsey Road, Tanglin Camp area, Singapore.
The rain was heavy when I reached there around 7:10pm. I was listening to the radio while driving, and didn't take note of the direction. I turned and turned and turned...... and then (wowliao) I lost my way!!!
It was the second time I have been here, but not that far in. First time is for the Singapore Binnale 2006 this August.
I called the event company to check the exact location. Following the map, I saw a loop in this area, meaning that I should be able to go back to the exit where the restaurant is. However, I didn't see any road in front of me when I reached a point where there are only 3 long colonial buildings on my left, front and right, and dew too!!!. I couldn't the left and right from my windows because of the dew on them, and the sky was dark due to the heavy rain. The only visible part is the windscreen where the wipers are working hard to clear the dew and rain. This place really really looks eerie and .......haunted .Hahaha...... No cars, no life and human beings, and it was a dead endfrom what I can see.
I told myself if I won't be surprised if I see any xxxxx appearing in front of me out of nowhere.
My first instinct was too make an u-turn and chao.........
I went back to the same road where I was previously before turning into that 'haunted' area. and then I saw a lorry zoomed pass me from behind.
I quickly made another U-turn and followed it, as I think it can lead me out of this area.
The lorry went back to the same 'haunted' area and when it reached the supposed dead end, it slowed down and make a right turn to the small lane leading down the slope, which I didn't see just now. Hahaha.... Of course I managed to leave that place and reached on time at the restaurant safely, or else you won't see the photos below.
Next time, I must come again during raining evening to check this place out again.

The caricature looked a bit like my mother-in-law. Hahaha.....

A serious guy.

A drunk(???) and fun guy who kept cracking jokes this evening.

The nurse in AVIVA.

She likes to open her eyes big, if not, should looked more like the caricature.

Best caricatures done this evening.

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