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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Caricatures for NXP

A farewell gift to the boss from the staffs.
This was the second job. The first one was done for Philips, done few years (think 2 years) ago.
From what the client told me, NXP branched out from Philips Semiconductors.
The boss loves golf (favourite theme among the bosses). The client's request was to have them carrying the golf bag, cleaning the buggy etc for him.
The orders only came in last Friday. They need it this Wednesday.
This means that my Christmas was burnt off.
Few days of hardwork at my drawing desk. It was quite a mental torture when I was expecting some rest during the weekends and yet need to work. Anyway, it was done, and the Christmas was over.

The pencil sketch.

The inked casricatures.

The coloured caricatures.

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