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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Legrand Dealers' Party 2006 - Part 1

Rushed down to this company event (in Bukit Merah area) right after the QBE Asia Bagus! event in Oriental Hotel. As what I have expected, the traffic was heavy as usual on Friday evening. I reached the venue within 40 minutes. The initial booking of was 1 hour, from 8:15pm - 9:15pm. However, after I have sketched for 20 minutes, the queue list was so long that the client requested for extension of another hour, till 10:15pm. Around 9:30pm, they asked whether I can extend for 1 more hour. I was quite reluctant, as I was quite hungry (didn't have my dinner) and tired. Moreover, I had quite a number of drawings to be done during the weekend. I didn't gave them an answer. They asked me at 10pm again. I agreed, but told them that I need to make a call home to inform my wife that I will be late, or else she will be worried as I told her that the event will end at 9:15pm.

Haha... first time drawing this in event - wife strangling husband.

A nice one!

Best caricature done at this event. My favourite. May put up on my website later.

Received this on the 11th Dec 2006, 10:03am from the client:-

"Thank you for your effort at our event on Friday, especially for extending 2 more hours. Our guests loved your work, and you were the reason many of them stayed to have their caricatures drawn. I hope to have you again at our event the next time. '

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