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Saturday, December 30, 2006

couple's portraits and caricatures

A gift to from this gentleman in the drawings to his girlfriend.
It was an urgent order.
He called up and enquired about my prices for portrait in charcoal this Wednesday(??? can't remember.
He felt that my price (with the express service surcharge) was higher than my competitor, and decided not to go ahead.
I didn't persuade him, as I was really tight up this week. I don't want to overwork on my already overwork schedule.
The next day, he called back and came to my gallery to place the orders. Why?! I didn't ask him.
He ordered portraits in pencil, and caricatures with theme. He requested to have some photos to be printed on a cd too.

The caricature theme was soccer with both of them in Chelsea jersey, no. 8 and 26.

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