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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Caricature theme - birthday kiss

This was a birthday kiss from the lady in the drawing (supposedly my client) to her boyfriend.
Think she will be bringing this oversea to him. Hence, she wanted it to be done in A4 size, framed up and hand-carried over.
Did you notice the black outline strokes for the body were different?
I used the new fountain pen to ink in.
It had more cartoon feel now, I think. I have more freedom when inking with the pen, as compared to the brush, which I always used.
I managed to get the non-smudge ink (when using with marker) from the art supplier 2 days ago. Usually, the ink tends to smudge when marker goes over it.
Now, it doesn't. Feels really great.

Hopefully it brings my caricature skills to another level.

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