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Friday, May 16, 2008

Group caricatures for Seagate

This client saw this job for Aberdeen Asset on my blog, and wanted something similar, together with the mousepads. She told me the caricatures are for the seminar, and the mousepad will be given out to her staff.
Caricatures Seagate pencil sketch
Put them closer together. It should reflect the integrity of the team better.
Very sketchy pencil sketch?
Yes, trying to sculpture the caricatures out.

Caricatures Seagate ink
Cleaner with the inking done.

Caricatures group Seagate
Completed with the colours.
This (scanned-in) artwork will be used in the client's Powerpoint presentation.

Caricatures group Seagate mousepad artwork
Didn't put in the Seagate corporate green colour, since the client didn't requested for that.
I used a bright red for the background. It should look bright on mousepads, and more durable against the dirt. Added in their names as per requested. Increased the canvas size, to allow for bleeding, so that my mousepad supplier has the freedom to crop this graphic for mousepad printing.

The mousepads aren't in a hurry. The client told me that she only needs them by month end.
Post up the mousepad photo here when they are done.

Seagate Group caricatures printed on 11 mousepads
Mousepads finally done on 18th June 2008.

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