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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caricature of Jens Lehman

Jens Lehmann
Since I am not familiar with these soccer players, I have to do my own research online for their photos, even though the client has sent me some. I will need to know their unique expression (if there is), the features from different angles etc in order to better capture their essence, when I am caricaturing and sculpturing their face on paper. Thus, quite a lot of work here, but I think it is worth the effort.

Caricature of Jens Lehman pencil sketch watermark
Curly hairs.
His eyes reminded me of current US President George Bush.

You may notice that I drew his body going in the different direction from the angle he faced.
This is what I like to do usually.
First, it looks different from the photo.
Second, it creates the X-factor when you twist their body around, and yet looks good and fun.
(Oops! Seems like I am revealing too much of my drawing tips to my competitors recently.)
If I don't mention, I bet that you won't notice this, as I don't post up clients' photos due to privacy issues.
This one is different, as these soccer stars are famous and their photos are all online.

Caricature of Jens Lehman ink watermark
Certain pencil lines are not inked in, as I want to use the colour to bring out the shades.
I remembered where the shades will be when I am sketching it in pencil. Thus, even without the pencil shades, there isn't any problem in the rendering part.
Caricature of Jens Lehman colour watermark

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