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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Caricature theme - ORD

Client's brief:-
"Found your website online, saw your gallery and really liked your caricatures with theme.

I would like to place an order for a caricature of me and my fiance in color marker with theme (i.e. with background and bodies).
Would also like to get it framed without inner borders.

Am getting it for his upcoming 27th birthday on 6th May 2008...hehe... think he'll like it.

I've attached the photos of me and him for your reference.

Some more information about us to give you ideas for the theme...

He's currently in army but will be ORDing soon in Oct 2008 and he's really looking forward to it as he rather dislikes SA(armed)F worklife. Hence, I want to get him something that will cheer him up till then.
He likes to road cycle (has a TREK road bike in navy blue) and likes to play soccer. His fav team is Man U.
As for me, I'm just a regular girl, no special interests...
Our fav disney cartoons are Beauty and the Beast and The little mermaid.

I thought of exchanging outfits for both of us in the caricature as it'll be quite funny, i.e. for example, I'm wearing the guy outfit e.g. a Man U Jersey and he's wearing Ariel's outfit or the Beauty's yellow gown.
Also, I could be the one carrying him in my arms rather than the usual cliched "guy-carry-girl" thing.
And we are smiling happily and saying "yay, ORD lo!!"

Couple caricatures bike Army Camp Man-U Soccer Field
Proposed to have them on the bicycle, with the guy stripping and throwing off the army uniform, towoards the army camp. And they are on their way to the soccer field, with the Man-U jersey waiting for him. She agreed, and thus you see the birth of this caricature.

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Dark Knight said...

my ORD also coming soon hee hee.

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