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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caricature for Deloitte

A returned customer.
Her brief"-
"Hi Jit Leong,
The caricature is a farewell gift for the person below (Mike) and below are some background info of my desired portrait.......
1) With Mike's head sticking out of the GTR (picture attached) <> , pls indicate GTR on the centre of the rims of the car and a Motorola V3 at his ear with a sticker that reads "SingTel Mobile" rather than just SingTel.

2) There will be word bubbles with the respective names in my ugly sketch and I have attached the various fonts that these logos need to be in .....

3) Mike will be driving pass the Comcentre building in the GTR.

We will like the portrait in A3 and coloured like the originals except for the car, please have it in red.. We will also assume Mike's head will be the most prominent sticking out of the window of the car.
.......Do let me know the cost along with a transparent frame and we will need it by 12 May 2008."
Caricature Deloitte Singtel Mobile Nissan GTR
She attaches her draft for me too in her email. So now, everything is pretty straightforward. My job is to draw out what she wants.
What I can play here was the car caricature. I used to hate drawing cars, but different case now. I enjoy drawing them. I begin to feel the characteristic and essence of each car when I caricature it. After I have finished a car caricature, I look forward to another one, wondering what will be the next car brand and model. That's the satisfaction which I get from drawing!

Caricature Deloitte Singtel Mobile Nissan GTR acrylic frame
She opted for an transparent acrylic frame, and it is not cheap. It costs a lot more than the drawing. Surprised? No choice, as the supplier charged higher for the workmanship in chamfering the edges, and care taken to prevent any scratches before it is delivered to the client's hand. But it looks really sleek and sexy.

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