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Monday, May 05, 2008

Caricature theme - seed of love

Client's brief:-
"This is Sharon here. I rang you up sometime back and enquired about wedding caricature. After a discussion with my husband-to-be, we decided to entrust you the great task of drawing a wedding caricature for us to front our wedding invitation card. We understand that the norm wedding caricature pic is a couple dressed in wedding gown and suit riding on a bike or car with a flag saying 'we are married', however, we have a different request. Could you draw us in wedding gown and suit planting a seed, or a sapling which symbolises planting a tree of love. Well, this is our rough idea, we are open to better ideas or professional advice."

Couple caricatures tree of love
The fun part of this caricature is their expression.
My kids keep asking me what they look like that?
My son is curious what the guy is doing, looking at his expression.

Since this is a caricature in ink, I used the G-Pen and brush for the face, fountain pen for the rest, as I think I can get a more comics feel with it. To make the style consistent, I thicken the outline and the darker part.
Haven't draw such bird for a long time. Used to include it very often in my early days of drawing. Hahaha..... added in this 'antique' again.

Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
Thanks for the great job done! We are both very satisfied with the end product and believe that it would make a very lovely front for our wedding invitation card. ;p

Soon Wai & Sharon "

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