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Friday, May 09, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding @ Forum Galleria

Client's brief:-
".....Would like to get you to draw the two of us sharing an Ice Blended and a slice of cheesecake at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf outlet (alfresco) at Forum Galleria Shopping Mall - that's where we first met =)
I intend to have this as a table-top centrepiece for my guestbook signing area. Thanks! "

Caricatures couple wedding at Forum Coffee Bean
No time to go down to Forum to snap a picture of the Coffee Bean. Tried searching the images online. I can only get the partial facade image of the Forum, and signboard of other The Coffee Bean outlets.
Don't know how the Forum facade ends. So, I decided to turn the limitation of the resources into design and layout of this caricature.
I put the main facade in the centre, where the couple is having the cheese cake, and didn't extend more, as I don't want to make it to look like a photo.
I presume it is an outdoor cafe, but the serving area is indoor. Thus, I put it under the Forum.
You will be surprised, as the time I took to draw the setting was longer than to draw the couple. The latter was drawn first, as I am still thinking what to do with the setting, and doesn't want the setting to interfere with the caricatures. Then, I slowly do up teh pencil sketch, inking and colouring of the setting.
I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. I think it looks good (and I have to say that this bride looks beautiful, which helps to spice up this artwork to a great extent.). It is such client's idea which makes my portfolio more interesting, at least not those few wedding designs which I usually do.

Wedding caricatures @ Forum Coffee Bean framed up
Looks even better when it is framed up.

Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
I came across our caricature on your webbie... I think you did a marvellous job with moi *smiles*."


Scott said...

cool work

jit said...

Thanks, Scott.
You have good stuff on your blog too.:)

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