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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caricature for Cornell University

Client's brief:-
"Details are as follows:

- This is a new school principal so please find a spot for the words
"Principal Sherwood"

- He is Canadian and a huge hockey fan so it would be appropriate for him to
be in a hockey jersey, with stick and skates (a maple leaf on the jersey
would be great - see photo)

- As he is currently a teacher, is there a way we could put something
scholastic looking in the photo: like a stack of books, apple, globe?

- And I really like your style after looking at samples on your blog. I
like that you don't make people look too distorted and goofy. "

Caricature Cornell University hockey player principal scholar
Since she mentioned that, cannot distort him too much. Hahaha.....

Client's comment upon receiving this framed caricature:-
'Wow, fabulous. That is very very nice. Thank you so much!!!"

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