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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Caricature for Larsen Oil & Gas

Client's brief:-
"As per our telecon earlier, I attached some pics of my boss, Geir the
Caucasian elderly guy.

It would be on A4 - Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background
& body.

Here's the theme:

He loves fishing, so I guess fishing theme with a big rod and big
smile(DSC00098) of him looking at the mermaid(s) couple of them I suppose on
the rig. The rig should be close to the sea. Don't need to do a big rig,
just a small one will do. Can you add in PetroProd D&P1 on the rig - that's
our project name. "

Caricature Larsen Oil & Gas fishing mermaid rig A4
It will be too tight to put in a few mermaids in this caricature, as I need to take into consideration for the rig structure. I opted for just 1 mermaid, to allow some space for breathing in this A4 caricature. (Usually, I do it on an A3 size paper.) The client agreed.
To make it more comical, I have the mermaid in his arm, with her covering her breasts with both arms, looking shocked, after being hooked out of the deep sea.

Feedback I get from her:-
"Hi Jit

Thanks for the good pic and we are all glad that our boss like the picture.
Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
Aida Bujang"

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