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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dancing silhouette artworks retouched

William (his business is doing stage props etc, but can't remember how I get to know him. Hahaha.....) looked for me weeks ago, said that he needed me to do some simple silhouette drawings for one of his client. I was too tight up then. Thus recommended Ivan to him.Last week, he callled me again, said he still needs me to do it for him. Huh? Thought Ivan has done the job for him. In the end, one party seems like doesn't want to do his job, as the other party didn't make it clear enough of what he wants. The latter think the former can't do it, even without seeing his work. Then, this job came back to me.
artwork dancing silhouette 1 before retouch
These 2 artworks were done by an artist when William's client went to Thailand.
As you can see, there are dots everywhere on the 2 artworks, due to mosture and oxidisation (perhaps?!). William asked me to redraw accordingly.
I am quite reluctant to do so.
First, this is not my style. Upon completion, do I still sign my name on it?
Second, the gray tone of the skirts are hard to reproduce them in the same way. Though William said don't have to follow very closely, I still think his client wanted the original style and strokes as it is.
Thus, I proposed to have these artworks (longer than A2 size) scan into softcopies and do digital touch-up for him. He can then send it out for printing. The client can keep the softcopies on cd for future printing, in case these printouts are spoilt again. He agreed, but asked me to do the printing for him. However, my schedule is really tight. I would rather spend my time on my jobs on hand, then to spend time on the trip to the printing shop, doing all those stuff.
artwork dancing silhoutte 1 retouched
This is the retouched version, retaining the artist's signature.

artwork dancing silhouette 2 before retouch
Second artwork, snapped using digital camera.

artwork dancing silhoutte 2 retouched
After few hours of careful masking, cleaning, and touch-up...... job done!


Her & Herself said...

Hey could I use one of this artwork as my school drama logo. it looks awesome :)

jit said...

Thanks for asking. This 2 artworks belong to my clients. You may infringe copyrights issue if you use them, especially for your logo.
Commission someone (not necessary me) to do it (another version) for you will not give you such problem. Thanks!

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