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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two lady portraits in watercolour

Orders from the same client, but ordered few days after the first order was placed.
He told me that these 2 ladies would like to get their portrait done, but don't know where to get it done.
Thus, he decided to give them a portrait each for their birthday presents, though the first one was belated. He searched online and got my contacts.

These 2 portraits was done concurrently. While waiting for one to dry, I move on to the other portrait. Another advantage was that I don't have to mix my pallette again.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 pencil sketch
Pencil sketch. In fact my Sony F717 wasn't that bad. Still can capture the paper texture.
Hahaha.... just that I like my Nikon D80 more.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 progress
To be frank, I like the shades done till this stage. Very soft and light. But from the customer's point of view, it is incomplete. So, have to move on from here.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 final
This is what the majority think as completed artwork.
Applied the wet-on-wet method to show the watercolour effect. Some dry strokes to give some strength to the drawing.

Watercolour portrait lady 2 pencil sketch
This portrait was not an easy job.
The angle she faced was three-quarter view, tilted her head and looking up.
Her features are not that distinct. What makes it worse is the relatively under-exposed photo provided. Top of the photo was cropped off. I have to complete the full head based on imagination.
Besides taking care of all these, the most important factor for a good portrait was to capture the subject's mood, besides the expression. This was what I have been working on for my portrait artworks all these years.
Watercolour portrait lady 2 progress
Still think the portrait looked good at this stage.

Watercolour portrait lady 2 final
Completed with darker shades and wet-on-wet method.
Sounds fast and easy to you, but took me quite sometime to complete them.

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