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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mousepads for Seagate done!

Seagate Group caricatures printed on 11 mousepads
These 11 mousepads for Seagate are finally done, after so much hiccups!

First, Supplier A's printer breakdown. He said it will cost him a bomb if he repairs it. It will be even worse if he buys a new one. And his sales on mousepads and cushion etc has not been very good recently. It is unwise for him to either repair it or buy a new printer. And my Seagate client has been waiting for weeks for these mousepads.

No choice, I have to look for Supplier B.. He has a printer, but without mousepads. I called up Supplier A, asked whether he can sell me the unprinted mousepads. Out of goodwill, he sold them to me at wholesale price. Really grateful for that, or else I will have to refund the client.
Not so much on the money, but the client approached me because she likes the idea of having their caricatures on the mousepads for her staff. I don't feel good, given that I promised her and yet can't deliver them. I only get to know Supplier A's problem after I sent out the artwork to them.)

Supplier B then rushed this out for me while I am away in Malaysia. Got to thank both of them, in fact.

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