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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Looking for me?

Received 2 enquiries today, and happened that they are looking for me, but don't know that I am the artist who used to do the caricatures for them.

Enquiry 1:-
Coca-Cola group caricatures snapshot by client
This guy attached the above file in his email.

"Hi Jit Leong,
Came across your website whilst googling for it, and I love your works!
I actually looking for a caricature artist to replicate the picture as attached for your reference. In addition, I also need to add in a few missing persons who are omitted from this picture......."

"Thanks for your prompt reply.
I've attached a copy of the past caricature that we've used, and do you have any idea how much it will cost for this?"

"Thanks for your email.....
......Well, I was trying hard to locate the artiste who drew that, and whilst googling for caricature artistes I came upon you.
I must say that I really love that piece of work, it was great!
However, I guess I need to give the chance to work with you a miss then, as I need the picture to be ready for a event on the 29th.
Nonetheless, thanks for your prompt reply, and I do look forward to working with you again."

"I'm afraid I need the picture to be in by the 26th May, because we will be printing cards as well, and need to cater in extra time for printing and production.
We are looking at around 40 odd people around a Coca-Cola banner....."

Didn't get the job, but glad that he loves this artwork. It is my record too, with the highest number of people (87) done in 1 drawing, and every caricature is very small in size. (second is job for Phillip Morris)

Thought I have put in my website url clear enough in that drawing? Seems like it is too small to be seen. Some clients asked me not to put in the url in my drawings. Some clients told me that they are glad to be able to find me again for more drawings, thanks to the url. I like the latter, as that's my purpose (and quality-guaranteed) for including in all my drawings.

Enquiry 2:-
A Citibank client requested a Citibank staff to look for a caricaturist to do a job. He said that he has his wedding caricatures done by an artist in Clarke Quay, who has a booth there. Told that staff that I am the artist. Gave her the link on my website as the proof.

Seems like my 8.5 years of hardwork in Clarke Quay wasn't down in the drain. Just a pity that I didn't do enough publicity of my company "Portrait Workshop' at my pushcart. They know that there is a portrait and caricature artist stationed in Clarke Quay, but can't remember my name or my company name. Didn't realise the importance of marketing in those early years till 2 years ago, when I get to know an artist online. He taught me the importance of marketing, beside having a good drawing skill and producing good artworks.

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