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Monday, May 26, 2008

Caricature of Petr Cech

Petr Cech
Another soccer star player - Petr Cech, the goalkeeper. Upon seeing this, it tells you that I got the 100 caricatures job. So more tough jobs ahead, given that I have to complete the 36 CNB book illustrations on hand to be completed, and daily orders coming in from other clients, and some urgent jobs. One word to describe - DEAD!!!
Caricature of Petr Cech pencil sketch watermark
I like pencil sketches. From there, I can tell what the artist is trying to expression when he did the sketch. Just like when I read comics, the comic artists like to put the pencil sketches with colour schemes, shades for the next coming issue. It is very raw and original.
It could be a tough job, as I have to do it for every stage, meaning 3 x 100 caricatures. That will be 300 scanning to do. But, I think it is worth it, as a collection of these 100 soccer caricatures. Can compile into a book next time.

Petr Cech has quite a long face, sunken eyes, curly brown hair with sideburn.
These are what I need to take note for this caricature.
I drew him in a 'ready-to-catch' posture.
Didn't put in a full shadow this time, as I intended to do something different.
Caricature of Petr Cech ink watermark
Getting clearer with the ink outline done.

Caricature of Petr Cech colour watermark
Colour marker has its own beauty.
I pay special attention in creating a multi-layered flat tone for his face, to create the sculptural shading and bring out the 3-dimensional form of the head, as I have done for Thierry Henry's caricature.
As for the shadow, I put in a cool blue plus green and dark green, to contrast with the light falling on his face.
The cream-coloured glove will be too raw, if I use in alone. Thus, I add in some shades of grey and some pen hatches to create the weathered and seasoned feel.

Petr Cech protective gear watermark
Upon receiving the artwork, the client told me that she wants the protective gear on Petr Cech's head, as that is his trademark. He put it on in his recent matches.
Heard from Wilfred that he injured his skull, and have to put it on. Thought that was temporary.
Since she insisted, I have to draw in the protective gear. This was scanned into digital copy,
Caricature of Petr Cech with protective gear colour watermark
and put on his head (But got to delete the curly hair at the back). Haha!! Feels like those 2D paper dolls which my sisters used to play during their childhood, whereby you get those clothes, hats etc and hang on the paper doll.

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